The Knossos Project

After almost a century of activity, the BSA Knossos Research Centre needs urgent renovation and updating to meet the needs of 21st-century researchers. In close collaboration with the Greek authorities, the BSA has developed an ambitious plan: the Knossos 2025 Project will transform the Knossos Research Centre by providing world-class facilities for future generations of researchers, ensuring the best possible storage and conservation conditions for the precious archaeological materials, and attracting new academic and local audiences. We are delighted to announce best-selling author Victoria Hislop as the Knossos 2025 Patron.

When the Project is completed:

  • scholars will enjoy state-of-the-art facilities for 21st-century archaeology, including laboratory space for ceramic analysis and bioarchaeological research.
  • the Research Centre’s internationally renowned study collection – officially known as the ‘Knossos Stratigraphical Museum’, informally ‘the Strat’ – will have a new mezzanine floor offering over 700m² of study and storage space for researchers complementing the existing ground floor store.
  • refurbished storerooms for architectural, ceramic and bioarchaeological finds will ensure the proper preservation of Knossos’ material remains.
  • the collections will be digitised and become available online to researchers.
  • the Knossos Research Centre will offer a rich programme of workshops, lectures, performances and other outreach events engaging scholars, visitors and the local community more directly with Knossos’ 9,000-year history.

The Knossos 2025 Project offers a unique and exciting opportunity to support archaeological research at Knossos well into the 21st century. The cost of the overall project is estimated at £2 million.

For more information aboutmteh Knossos Project, please visit their website.