1. Victoria à bord du camion qui livre.

    Véritable librairie sur 4 roues, elle se déplacera de plage en plage le long des façades méditerranéenne et atlantique, du 16 juillet au 15 août. Prise en charge ponctuellement par un libraire local, elle proposera son choix de livres d’été.
  2. Dernier tango à Grenade

    Victoria Hislop a tout d’une grande. La preuve avec ce troisième roman à succès Critique paru chez Elle, juillet 2014 VICTORIA HISLOP est une  étrange auteure de best-sellers. Elle écrit par culpabilité. Parce qu’elle se sent une Occidentale privilégiée qui doit témoigner des souffrances du passé. En 2001, journaliste de...
  3. Η Αθήνα με τα μάτια της Βικτόρια Χίσλοπ

    Οταν είχα μιλήσει για πρώτη φορά με τη Βικτόρια Χίσλοπ, τη Βρετανίδα συγγραφέα που έγινε διάσημη σε όλο τον κόσμο μέσα από το μπεστ σέλερ «Το Νησί», μου είχε κάνει εντύπωση ο τρόπος που έβλεπε την Ελλάδα, τους Ελληνες και την Αθήνα. Η φρέσκια ματιά της, μια φυσική περιέργεια και...
  4. Β. Χίσλοπ: «Ηθελα να ζήσω την Αθήνα από μέσα…»

    Η Βρετανίδα συγγραφέας Βικτόρια Χίσλοπ είναι πλέον κάτοικος Αθήνας. Από τότε που τη γνώρισα –μόλις είχε κυκλοφορήσει το πρώτο της βιβλίο «Το Νησί», από τις εκδόσεις Διόπτρα– αναζητούσε με πάθος τη σχέση της με την Ελλάδα. Θυμάμαι και τότε, που μου εκμυστηρευόταν ότι ευχόταν να έχει ελληνική ρίζα. Σήμερα, έχει...
  5. Why Greece Matters Today

    I was lucky enough to be at Kings College to hear this lecture being delivered last May – but here it is in its entirety for everyone who would like to know “Why Greece Still Matters Today.”  
  6. An Audience with Victoria Hislop – Fundraising for Lepra

    Semple Secrets with Victoria Hislop To celebrate our 90th anniversary, Maggie Semple Ltd have arranged a special Semple Secrets event on 23rd June at the exclusive club at the Ivy restaurant in London. Maggie Semple OBE is a fashion writer and publisher and holds regular Semple Secrets events with inspiring women from a diverse...

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These are a few of my favourite (Greek) things…

Ergon 16 Picton Place, London W1: superb new Greek restaurant and Greek products - highly recommended. For their website click here.

The Life Goddess which offers some of the best Greek food products in London - and also boasts a fabulous restaurant/café, has become one of my favourite new haunts

Athinaikon Restaurant - 34 Mitropoleos Street, Athens. - Beautiful, Greek food with a twist…

Prosopa Restaurant - Konstantinopoleos 4/Megalou Vasileiou 52, Athens - Delicious modern food in great surrounding, good music…

Akadimias Brizolakia, 61 Akadimias Street, Athens - Simple, well-cooked, traditional…

Athens Daily Secret - for visitors and residents, every day, subscribers to the site are sent some glorious tip or recommendation on something delicious to see, do or taste in Athens.

• There is a beautiful new restaurant on the sea front in Thessaloniki - wonderful food and décor, with vintage toys and adverts - really worth a visit - "Ayioli" at 15 Niki Street, Thessaloniki.

• Costas Voyatzis in Athens introduced me to his hugely successful website featuring extraordinary and beautiful design - do have a look!…

• A recent discovery in Athens Chromata, Skoufa 62, Kolonaki - a great restaurant/bar with fantastic music...

• One of the funniest women I have met in years…
Katerina Vrana

• LIQUID GOLD - The most amazing Cretan olive oil is now being imported into the UK - it has a truly exceptional flavour as well as remarkable healthy giving properties. You can buy it from www.liquidgoldproducts.co.uk

• Beautiful olive oil direct from Crete:

• "ILaBoom" makes beautiful miniature light boxes to order. I was given one as a gift(see it here) and it's one of the most delightful things I own. www.psyboom.etsy.com

• Bespoke shoes in central Athens. Kozatsa have been creating them since 1936. They're at 11 Kanari Street, Kolonaki, Athens 106 71 or online at www.kozatsa.gr

• The focus of Greek culture and language teaching in Central London, The Hellenic Centre:

• Learn Greek! I recommend Hara Garoufalia-Middle's excellent Total Greek

• Hellenic Bookservice: If you want to get hold of any Greek books, contact monica@hellenicbookservice.com
Tel: 0207 267 9499